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WARNING: While I provide links and sources for my articles, I will not deny the fact my articles are often opinionated. This is because I am bored of going into the minute details of events. I have come to my world view through years of intense research. I can't possibly remember every fact I have come across. So every article here is written on the basis that a cabal run the money system and seek to further expand and centralize power, that they run the catholic faith and have infiltrated (if not created) many other religions, that they seek a one world fascist totalitarian governance, that they divide us into groups and play us off against one another, that they are behind false flag operations and seek to destroy us. I now know that my life has been subject to the schemes of the élite. I was blind to my enslavement. We call them New World Order because that's all they talk about. The control grid stems into every stratum of life. Don't trust the biased mainstream media, this is the opinionated alternative.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009


'm checking all this out and i think this IS the new 9/11. The situation in Ukraine is bad. Bad enough to scare people into getting the jab!! This is a clear scare tactic to get people to take the shot. The number of infected is going up 50000 a day! Currently over 1.3 million people are infected "Lungs as black as charcoal", "never seen before", "terrifying", "plague" this is spreading over the internet like crazy. Daily Mail and Daily Express have run the story. Fear.

Almost 300 dead, including 11 doctors. At least 4 borders have been closed and all neighboring states are checking people crossing borders. The EU is calling for immediate action at EU level. Mobile hospitals demanded by the Ukrainian president. All of this is making news.


Dr Joseph Moshe (ex-mossad) - Whistleblower? RAIDED AND EXTRADITED IN MAD SCENE:
Microbiologist in a US federal lab claimed in August that swine flu was being engineered by Baxter as a bioweapon in Ukraine. He supposedly "threatened the white house". He recently was chased by police, ending in a standoff lasting 7 hours all caught on TV news. The standoff was a big budget operation involving US Secret Service and/or FBI, squat teams, sniffer dogs, helicopters, robots and a military vehicle rigged with an EMP pulse weapon which was used to knock out the electronics in Moshe's car. He remained in the car, they broke the windows and pepper sprayed the guy 4 times before tazering him and dragging him out the window. He was swiftly extradited to Israel. Now we have a flu outbreak in Ukraine (albeit not swine flu).

Planes spraying chemicals over the population:
4 regional newspapers have reported it although the government denies it. The one local report i have read using a translator seems genuine. Sources i haven't checked properly yet here.

Surprise surprise... A Bioterrorism drill took place just before it began (Visor Consultants anyone?):

THIS ONE HAS IT ALL! Secret Service on secret service, "chemtrails", high profile whistleblower and a even a "TERRORISM" drill!!!! crazy.

I've recently heard the flu outbreak in Ukraine is a not artificial. But this is just gonna convince everyone to get a shot. And it's an inside job from beginning to end. The propaganda machine will scare the shit out of us into taking the mercury/squalene loaded vaccine.

With regard to my previous email, I have looked at Liam Donaldson's profile on wiki and found this:

He is also Chair of the World Alliance for Patient Safety, which was established by the Director-General of the World Health Organization in October 2004.[4]

Donaldson has had a marked effect on policy and legislation in a wide range of areas including stem cell research, quality and safety of health care, infectious disease control, patient empowerment, clinical performance, temperance legislation, medical regulation, and organ and tissue retention.

His honors and degrees are through the roof. Like a dozen universities...


9/11 and the Globalist Money Masters


People talk about the NWO as if it is the name of a club of conspirators. Well there are conspirators, and their is one particular conspiracy which stands above them all. So when I talk of NWO I talk of this particular conspiratorial group. People call them the NWO, but really it's just another way of saying "them". And most will concur that the NWO is the money masters with the globalist agenda, the élite families that control the liquidity of the fake ecenomy. I don't have a problem in being more precise and calling out their names. Those that I know of at least. And I will. People talk of 9/11 and often equate it to the NWO. But academically they find it hard to explain how the 2 are linked. And 9/11 alone is therefore a poor argument to use to debate the existence of the NWO. Let me explain...


9/11 put me on the hunt. Who did it? Bin Laden and Al Quaida did it I was told by the government and the Corporate media. But then I discovered the government and the corporate media was lying to me. Bin Laden wasn't wanted and Al Quaida was just the name given by the CIA to a list of middle-eastern militants (and Building 7 and the hole in the Pentagon). 9/11 was a cover up and the media and the government were together in it (and that's all we need to know really, if we stop paying taxes and buying mainstream media we don't have to worry about another 9/11).

So there was a corporate media / government  conspiracy right there. But that doesn't really tell me who done it and why. Who in the government would want to do 9/11? What government employee would want to enforce martial law or go to war? Well it's clear it had to be someone outside of government, with powerful ties to government.

The Muslims did it I'm told. By the same people who told me it was box-cutters. I was at uni in groups with local muslims more than anyone else. They weren't involved. But sure, maybe some highly connected powerful muslim madman, maybe.

The jews did it I'm told. They want rid of the muslims in the middle east, they need american support... nonsense. Modern zionism has nothing to do with being a jew I learn. Jewish people would resent an attack on America. But maybe we're talking about a powerful jewish madman, maybe.

I've heard a lot of people talk of how they hate how jews are good with money, and they're good at banking... usury is aloud and all that... and a lot of people who claim not to be racist will say that, it is in fact very racist. As someone who does not subscribe to religion I can state bluntly it is disgusting to blame "usury" as the reason why jews are more successful than others. And furthermore, jews ARE NOT even statistically more successful than others. For example (and their are infinite examples, including the holocaust), I live in Stoke Newington and have done for years. It is one of the highest concentration of jews in Britain, perhaps the world. While they all live conservative "respectable" lives, they suffer hardship like the rest of us. Particularly with regard to housing. Also their orthodoxy prohibits them from accessing many mainstream jobs. You can say that's their own fault, but that's an attack on their culture and I fundamentally believe we can all live free to enjoy our cultural differences. It does not affect me what the jewish community do one iota. (I could talk for years on this subject expanding into Neturei Karta, the Torah and the Talmud, Ashkanazis, Kazas, Austro Hungarians, Lithuanian orthodoxy, black jews of Africa, the original zionism as opposed to modern zionism... but I feel it important I make myself clear on this issue when the truth movement is often associated with people who are holocaust deniers and opportunistic racist provocateurs).


So who now? The oil corporations. The ruling Neo-Cons were intimately connected with Halliburton and Unical. The motive is definitely there. As is the technical capability. The power of the state and it's CIA and Pentagon potential was in the hands of the same people. Yup. It's looking more like a lead now. Add to that the modern zionism within the neo-conservative entourage (AIPAC). Oh yes. People say Bush is too dumb to pull it off. NOT AT ALL. He is a very slick people-person. Particularly with the media. There are many reports and examples of how he entertains his press corps. His family has epic experience in high-risk high-payoff business operations at the heart of world power (there is a knowledge base there). Furthermore he had all the right family connections in security at the WTC, the airport (and even Florida the controversial swing state during the election). This guy is key in the network. Not to mention his experience in the oil business. Especially the oil corporations interested in Afghanistan.

And as I mentioned, maybe some zionist interest too. The dancing Israelis, the Mossad tip off. And who can forget Kissinger. Kissinger engineered the global oil trading system pretty much single handed (deals with the Saudis and OPEC). And what a dodgy guy he is. Indonesia, Chilli... the war crimes are there. He's wanted by several top French judges. He doesn't go to France anymore.


So that's it. That's where an investigation should be had. And at this stage in my research, anti-statism had begun to flow in my veins. But I'd already gone down the Rabbit Hole. I couldn't believe the Oil tied Neo-Cons and Zionists in government did it, except it made too much sense. If I had been anymore Left Wing at the time I would have probably put an end to my truth-seeking there. And I think many have left it there. In fact I believe most of the credible 9/11 truthers have stopped there.


But this is not all there is to it as far as I'm concerned. For on the path to coming to this "truth", I had come across many things I had not considered before. Freemasonry was one of them. I had never considered freemasons before in my life really. Apart from taking it for granted that freemasons looked out for each other and would let each other off in court. As is common belief. In my search for 9/11 truth I discovered things about the freemasons I did not know. The Hierarchy for one. The Inner-Secrecy for two. The History for three.

I knew the Freemasons were secretive, but I did not know that this was the basis for a freemasonic hierarchy. That lower level freemasons had to learn secrets to climb the ladder. That one degree was very much in the dark with regard to the ways of achieving a higher degree. I was fascinated with how this secret society was not only supposedly secret to the outside world, but also within itself. I believe this point was made to me as a half-baked idea of how the planning of 9/11 was kept secret. This may be the case, but I think it's more credible to consider "compartmentalization" as a whole than just focus on freemasons in the execution of 9/11. The history of freemasonry taught me something very important with regard to the New World Order but I will address that later.


I also ended up learning a little bit more about the Bush family than I expected. There is a long history about the West supporting local militias in the Middle East against the soviet threat, but that's going into politics which is very much part of the conspiratorial picture but I would need to write a separate article on it. But Bush and Bush senior are famous for their bloodlust in the middle east. And given their oil connections it's not a surprise. And it's clear this has been a recent arena for the family. But as many know, Prescott Bush was the one. Prescott (the grand-daddy) was on the surface opposed to Governor Nelson Rockefeller. But this was like Bush/Kerry (Skull and Bones). Prescott Bush and the Rockefellers were tight. And they were all tight with Hitler (AG Farben, Union Banking Corporation and others...). Previous to that, the Rockefellers were in oil. Like the Harrimans (Skull and Bones), they were establishing the first monopoly corporations in the States, corrupting the US government and eating up the competition with the financial aid of the Rothschilds in London.

The Rothschilds of London. Back to Freemasonry now. The Rothschilds were a successful banking family. The worked hard, clawed their way out of poverty and were open-minded and able enough to establish themselves across Europe. Part of their success came from making friends with fellow bankers high level freemasons, which is where they met Adam Weisshaupt and formed the Illuminati in Bavaria with global dominance as an agenda. Not long after, the (possibly still Royalist) European governments outlawed the Illuminati. The freemason bankers at this time were owed money by the royal families of Europe and they brought about the French Revolution to call in their debts. Early in the 19th century, Rothschild attained the position of top capitalist in London by tricking the London stock exchange about the Battle of Waterloo. The details of this story are well documented and I urge all to check it out). So the previously bourgeois Rothschilds (with other top freemasonic bankers on the continent) transcended the class system (leaving us inside it) got control over the debtor governments of Europe by 1820. But they did not have America. An this is where the whole Federal Reserve story begins. 

It is agreed that they control the Bank of England and for that matter every other Central Bank in Europe. The Rothschilds and the other Freemasonic bankers of Europe needed a central bank in the US to expand their empire. So they financed their agents to establish mega-companies, and they used these Harriman and Rockefeller families (and others: Morgans, Aldrich, Schiff...) to pressure the US government into granting corporate charters to the Harriman/Rockefeller companies... and eventually they managed to achieve their aims and establish a central bank in the US, controlled by the private US banks that were mainly controlled by the European banks. This system is still operational today and that is what all the fuss over Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan is about (these are the commercial banks - controlled by the European Banking Cartel - controlling monetary policy at the federal reserve.

Then they established fiat currency and enslaved the US population... Anyway... this is where the Bush family comes from: the network of agents working for the Freemasonic European bankers who took over. So Bush and Rockefeller get to work for Hitler, not that Rothschild wasn't doing his own bit to fund the NAZIs through the Kuhn and Loeb bank. Hitler was himself the grandson of a Rothschild (but this isn't so important, its more of a likely coincidence).

And Hitler went about his job providing the excuse for the creation of an Israeli State. 6 million dead jews later and Rothschild had his own country in the middle east and his oil buddies (such as Bush) could get to work ripping off the arabs.


So now we have Bush and 9/11. And we also have Bush and the "banking cartel". Both of these connections are strong. Not many will dispute it. Though many 9/11 truthers aren't well read when it comes to the banking cartel. The documentation on the Banking Cartel is far more conclusive than the links between Bush and 9/11. Regardless, we have these connections. But these are 2 separate conspiracies. Are they connected? Did the NWO/Banking Cartel do 9/11? The NWO control the biggest corporations, huge chunks of government and the monetary control grid. That is a historical fact. Bush and the Neo-Cons may have done 9/11 without the orders having come from the NWO. However, as I have explained, the Bush family are well connected with 9/11 and with the NWO. Furthermore, Zionism is a toy project of the NWO, and there is a strong connection between Zionism and 9/11.

This suggests to me that a 9/11 investigation should not stop at the NeoCons. The banking cartel should be investigated for complicity, and more likely to my mind the NWO is likely the main culprit. What disgusts me the most about this state of affairs, is that I believe Sir Evylin de Rothschild and his wife booked a room with a view of the world trade centre on 9/11. Sick as fuck.


Addendum: Check: Ring of Power (Part 2), highly recommended.  Much much better than zeitgeist! Though references are lacking in the film what ever they talk about that i do know about is true. but there is a lot in the film i don't know about. this was my introduction to the "crown". actually, come to think about it, the "crown" has been defined differently by a more credible source than ring of power. still here is the quote from the film. 

"Like the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt who built their empire with the help of a Grand Vizier, Queen Elizabeth II also has a Grand Vizier who serves as her most trusted adviser. His name is Lord Evelyn Rothschild and he is the second wealthiest and most powerful person on Earth. He is also lord of the world’s financial capitol, the city state of London. Lord Rothschild and his ring of power hide their identities behind thirteen city council members who stand in as their representatives. On November 30th 2000, Lord Rothschild, now in his 70s, got married in London to a wealthy Zionist business woman named Lynn Forrester. The couple then jetted to Washington and spent their wedding night in the White House. Just months before 911 they moved to New York and settled into their 18th floor luxury palace at Riverhouse where two private terraces offered them front row seats for the scheduled 911 show."

And get this, as if we need any more proof of the NWO...

"Henry and Nancy Kissinger live here, so do Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife, the blonde American financier, in an apartment designed by the decorator chosen by the Obamas, Michael Smith."

That's a confirmation from the Huffington Post. So yeah... SICK AS FUCK.


OK, having gone through a bunch of articles from, I think I am getting to the bottom of this.

The German military "barium" spraying and the Porton Down experiment was enough to lead me to think there was truth in the chemtrail conspiracy theory. There's loads of other "noise" I've heard about the US military putting particles into the sky. And since then I've had an eye on the sky and have seen some very weird things up there with regard to cloud formations.

Turns out the German Military story is half baked. They were spraying, but the story has not been looked at properly by most. If we go in depth it turns out the spraying was invisible. It was chaff for radar disruption and this was clear in german and not in the english translation.
Bottom line: nothing to do with the day to day contrails we see.

And the same can be said about Porton Down. They were spraying. It was poison. It was a long term government experiment.
Bottom line: nothing to do with the day to day contrails we see.

I haven't gone into the recent noise about the US military putting particles into the atmosphere to counter climate change... it might be true... but this is not limited potential use of arial spraying by plane.
Bottom line: nothing to do with the day to day contrails we see.

The day to day persistent contrails are unlikely to be chemical because:

- Considering the amount I have seen (and I have seen and even filmed loads!), they would need a colossal amount of chemicals.
- Persistent contrails CAN be explained as a natural (totally non-artificial) occurrence. Con-densation that freezes into ice depending on atmospheric temperatures.

SO, I am not worried that we are being chemtrailed on the daily. HOWEVER as the Porton Down experiment demonstrated, aircraft can be used to spray poison on us. Just not in the way normal aircraft leave contrails. We would be talking about specialist aircraft made to suit the task, most likely low flying smaller aircraft like the type recently used in Ukraine to "fight H1N1". Or crop-dusters, or cloud-seeders. We might be able to call this chem-trailing. But it is not the same as a persistent contrail where it takes a while for ice particles to evaporate.

Chemtrails sort of exist. They are NOT a daily threat. They are a rare strategy and most people have got it totally wrong.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

G20 - Pittsburgh 2009

Live stream and reporting on RINF News.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Veterans for 9/11 Truth News Features: nano enhanced thermite?

Veterans for 9/11 Truth News Features: nano enhanced thermite?: "BBC"

Thursday, 27 August 2009



We Are Change London, London Truth Action and Stop The War Coalition Hounslow are organising a protest at the BBC Television Centre in London to demand coverage of the peer-reviewed nano-thermite paper and the concerns of over 750 architects and engineers regarding the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks.

ON April 3 2009 a peer reviewed scientific paper co-authored by Dr Neils Haritt (Professor of Chemistry at Copenhagen University) was published in the Open Chemical Physics Journal. This paper proves the presence of military grade unreacted explosive material, nano-thermite, in dust samples taken from ground zero. This coupled with the numerous contradictions in the 9/11 Commission Report and subsequent NIST reports highlights the evident probability that World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 were brought down via controlled demolition.

As the events of 9/11 are responsible for a Global War on Terror, which has been used to justify illegal imperialistic foreign policy and the implementation of Orwellian laws and practises domestically, the significance of this paper is of the utmost importance. Two Mainstream Media (Danish Media TVNEWS2 and Russia TV) have covered this controversial discovery. We call upon Western Mainstream Media to follow suit.

WeAreChange London in collaboration with London Truth Action and Stop the War Hounslow will be holding a demonstration outside the BBC Television Centre on September 11th 2009. The purpose of this event is to pressurise the BBC to report on this paper, and thus by extension the evident probability of complicity by the US establishment regarding the events of September 11th 2001.

Event details
Time: 12 noon onwards (all day event) on September 11 2009
Location: Outside BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ
Organisers: WeAreChange London (
London Truth Action (


For press related queries please email

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Recent Osborne and Mandelson connections to the Rothschild Dynasty

From left to right: Sir Evylin de Rothschild, Lord Jacob Rothschild, Honourable Nathanial Rothschild, George Osborne and Baron Peter Mandelson.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild took over NM Rothschild & Sons after his cousin, the scientifically-minded Jacob, left and took over Rothschild Investment Trust (now RIT Capital Partners plc). Nathanial Rothschild is Jacob's son and a climate change preacher. Nat has an unorthodox life for a Rothschild, up until recently when he carved out a career in big finance and got to know some new-breed Russian oligarchs. (wikipedia)

Baron Peter Mandelson got to know Jacob when he was an architect of New Labour 15 year's ago and Lady Rothschild introduced Nat to Mandelson in the early 90s. Then we got YachtGate... (telegraph 25 Oct 2008).

The Telegraph later reported on how the Rothschild family were "far from content" with the attention they were getting.

And now we hear of Baron Mandelson returning on EasyJet from living it up at Nat Rothschild's villa in corfu.

Maybe a shame that he missed the protesters chained to the front of his house in Regent's Park just before he got back.

Just to boot in the whole YachtGate thing, check the 2008 Bilderberg list. Osborne.

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